Update from Pride in Ely, August 2020

Welcome to our brand new website!!!

The third annual PRIDE in Ely event sadly cannot take place – the current COVID19 situation means we have had serious concerns about holding an event this summer since we first discussed this in early March. The nature of PRIDE is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  It would have been extremely hard to ‘police’ or observe any social distancing at our event as be it indoor or outdoor, the ethos is closeness, family feeling and sharing the happy occasion.

Like some others, we have been a bit quiet this year as on-line events are tricky and not so easy to organise safely and securely. However, pre-lockdown we had a brilliant quiz and since, a couple of online ‘Bingo with a Bitch’ sessions hosted by the marvellous Felicity Flappes! Let’s try to do some other things – give us some ideas – be they for now or when things ease up a little…

We have come such a long way since a few of us got together in 2016 and said ‘Why can’t Ely have something LGBT+, and why can’t Ely have a PRIDE event…?’ From raising the PRIDE flag on Ely Cathedral to having people walking around with PRIDE T-shirts and wrist bands the support of our local community here and wider has been absolutely amazing – we are always – and you should be – PROUD!!!

Our plans are to offer more in terms of support, events and putting things back into the community and again your ideas are needed – to make things truly work we need your voice… the ideas of 6 people only go so far. Speak up and give us some food for thought!

At our PRIDE events everyone has either offered prizes for raffles, donations, services for very little cost or free and all of our performers gave us an outstanding show with love and for free! We cannot say how much this has meant to us all and has been the main success factor of our events – we love the community spirit and we really hope this continues forwards with other events and into next year for PRIDE in ELY 2021 – may it be bigger and better.

So a final thanks to everyone for last year – the list would be very long – you know who you special people and companies and organisations are and we couldn’t do it without you all!!

On a personal note I would like to say a massive thanks to the team – we all did an amazing job – lets continue in true PRIDE in Ely fashion!





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